"The Storm"
In "The Storm," while on a visit to the Athosians, Sheppard and Teyla discover a strange storm heading for the mainland and the city. The storm is actually two hurricanes merging, and it occurs once every 20 or 30 years. Unfortunately, the Ancient shield that used to protect Atlantis is no longer operational, so without its help, the city will be destroyed.

While the scientists try to figure out a way to save Atlantis, Teyla and Beckett help the Athosians evacuate, and Weir has Sheppard and Ford secure temporary residence with one of their trading partners, the Manarians (1x08 "Underground"). The Manarians, however, are less than thrilled at having to shelter the entire population of Atlantis without 'proper compensation.' They are quick to contact their other allies, the Genii (1x08 "Underground"), about Atlantis's vulnerability.

McKay and Zelenka propose a solution to Atlantis's imminent destruction- they'll use the lightning rods placed throughout the city to temporarily power the shield during the storm. Because the only safe place during this will be the control room, Atlantis must still be evacuated to Manara. Weir, Sheppard, McKay, and two military officers stay behind.

Ford, Teyla, and Beckett manage to get all but a few Athosians safely to Manara; they stay behind on the mainland to wait for the remaining ones. When the missing Athosians are found, the severity of the storm prevents them from taking off; they decide to wait out the hurricane in the Puddle Jumper.

Meanwhile, the Genii, led by Commander Acastus Kolya and including Sora (the pretty brat from "Underground" who blames Teyla for abandoning her father to the Wraith), launch an attack on Atlantis. After forcing an Athosian to use his IDC, they pretend to be a group of injured Athosians. The two military officers let them past the shield, though they were not authorized to do so (and die for their niceness and stupidity), as Weir, Sheppard, and McKay were in other parts of the city preparing for the storm.

There are four grounding stations in Atlantis, all of which must be activated for McKay and Zelenka's plan to work. Weir and McKay have activated two already, and they are returning to the control room where they are captured by the Genii. Sheppard, meanwhile, has activated a third grounding station and is on his way to the final one when he hears of the Genii's arrival.

Although the Genii initially only want all of Atlantis's medical supplies and C4, the information Sheppard took from them in "Underground," and a Puddle Jumper, Kolya tortures McKay a little and learns about the plan to save the city; the Genii's new goal is to take over Atlantis, so they need Sheppard to activate the final grounding station. Kolya sends two men after Sheppard to make sure he cooperates, and in the inevitable fight that follows, the two Genii are killed and the fourth grounding station's control panel is destroyed. Kolya, upon learning about the death of his two men, decides to kill Weir, much to Sheppard's distress.

"The Eye"
In "The Eye," McKay convinces Kolya not to kill Weir. Kolya, however, tells Sheppard that Weir is dead; Sheppard informs Kolya that he will kill him. Kolya takes McKay and Weir to repair the damaged grounding station, but their progress is delayed when Sheppard turns off the naquadah generators powering various parts of the city, including the control room. Attempts to capture Sheppard are unsuccessful.

Ford, Beckett, and Teyla take advantage of a temporary lull in the hurricane (the eye of the hurricane is upon them) to head towards Atlantis, though Beckett protests. They reach the city and try heading towards Sheppard (the dot taking out all the other dots on the life-signs detector).

Genii reinforcements arrive through the stargate, but Sheppard manages to take out Ladon and get the shield up, killing over 50 Genii men who step through and splat against the shield. Kolya, enraged, tells Sheppard to get the power back up or Weir and McKay will die; Sheppard, relieved that Weir is alive, readily complies. However, in the generator room, he is confronted by Genii soldiers, who are fortunately then taken out by Ford, Teyla, and Beckett.

McKay fixes the last grounding station, then tells Kolya they must retreat to the control room, the only safe place in Atlantis now that electricity can freely run through the halls. Sora, learning that Teyla is in Atlantis, ignores Kolya's orders and goes after Teyla.

Sheppard comes up with a plan to rescue Weir and McKay and take back Atlantis; he splits the group up, going with Ford to the control room while Teyla and Beckett head to the jumper bay. However, before the latter two can reach the jumpers, Beckett is knocked out by Sora, and Sora challenges Teyla to a fight.

Back in the control room, McKay and Weir attempt to delay getting the shields up in order to give Sheppard more time. McKay pretends that the plan fails, prompting Kolya's anger. Weir tells Kolya that their plan was never sure to succeed and was only a back-up plan; she convinces him to leave the city, but Kolya plans on bringing her and McKay with them.

As the Genii leave through the Stargate, Ford is convinced that something is wrong (since Teyla and Beckett haven't shown up to create the distraction), and so Sheppard improvises. The two shoot the guards. Kolya grabs Weir and pulls her towards the stargate. Sheppard aims for Kolya and shoots him in the shoulder; Kolya releases Weir and falls through the stargate. Sheppard makes sure Weir is okay and then pulls her to the control room. McKay quickly tries to get the shields up, but Sheppard orders him to give Beckett and Teyla more time.

Teyla dominates the fight over Sora; finally, she has a knife against Sora's throat. Sora screams at her to end their feud, and Teyla makes a cutting motion but reveals no knife on the blood: the act was symbolic. She then heads towards the control room (presumably with Beckett). Sora follows.

McKay says they can no longer wait for Teyla and Beckett, but at that moment, Teyla and Sora, carrying Beckett, appear. As a huge tsunami heads towards the city, McKay starts up the shield at the precise moment that the tsunami starts crashing down; the shield goes up first, and so the city is saved.

Later, the Atlanteans return to the city. Sheppard asks Weir what they'll do with Sora; Weir says perhaps they'll return her to the Genii later to improve relations, and Sheppard calls her an optimist. McKay arrives and says that the city is pretty much back up and running, although Beckett had a concussion and so couldn't tend to McKay's knife wound. Sheppard, remarking on the fact that the storm is supposed to occur once every 20 years, wonders how often they can book their vacations in advance.

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