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This particular fanlisting is for Stargate Atlantis episode 1x10 "The Storm" and 1x11 "The Eye." They're two of my favorite episodes from season 1. "The Storm" has Beckett, Zelenka, some of the random scientists (Simpson, but no Grodin), McKay snarkiness, fun Sheppard and McKay exchanges, fun McKay/Zelenka interactions, lots of Weir and Weir being cute and Weir looking awesome in red, McKay!hurt, Sora's pretty hair, Teyla, Ford, and Beckett being thrown together, ninja clothes, a slimey guy with an awful name (Smeadon sounds like Smeagal), Sheppard/Weir overtones (of massive proportions), and isn't Kolya a perfect bad guy? "The Eye" is just a ton of fun, and it may be my favorite episode of the season (tied with "Before I Sleep"). It's a great action episode and has lots of fantastic character interactions, notably Sheppard/Weir, McKay/Weir, Kolya vs. Sheppard, Kolya vs. McKay, Sora vs. Teyla, and Beckett/Ford/Teyla.

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