A deck provides an excellent way to enjoy your outdoor area. Unfortunately, they fall victim to the outdoor elements since they’re located outside your house. This is particularly true if your deck is made of wood material rather than composite.  

To give your deck a new life, you will have to refinish it. Doing so will improve the resale value of your home and make your deck more attractive.  

You can always hire a professional deck builder to stain your deck. However, if you want to do it yourself, here are some steps to follow: 

Examine the Deck 

First of all, you need to conduct a thorough examination of your deck to figure out its condition. You need to search for indications of rot. You’ll probably find rot hidden in areas where wood and concrete meet. You should also search under the deck to see if there’s rotting in the substructure or if the posts are cracked. 

Fix and Clean the Deck 

Before starting the refinishing project, make the required repairs if you do have to replace a rotten or damaged deck board. Replace any damaged or rotten deck parts and make any required repairs.  

Once you’re done fixing the deck, the next thing you’ll need to do is to clean it. The method you will use will greatly vary on the current finish of the deck.  

If you have painted or varnished wood, you need to get rid of the paint or varnish first using a paint stripper.  

Make sure you sweep the deck to get rid of any dust before you proceed with the next step.  

Deep Clean the Deck 

You should consider using a pressure washer if you need to deep clean your deck. Pressure washing is an excellent method to deep clean your deck, especially if it is made of wood.  

However, you need to do it properly to avoid damages. You might etch the wood if you do it wrong.  

When deep cleaning your deck, you should start in a corner and walk your way across the deck. You can always hire a professional cleaner if you aren’t confident using a pressure washer.  

Sand the Deck 

If your deck’s surface is still in excellent condition, you might want to skip this step and continue to sand the handrails. However, if the boards are damaged by the sun, you should consider sanding the deck before you stain it.  

Make sure you use the right sandpaper grit. Professionals typically recommend sanding the deck with 60-80 grit sandpaper.  

Stain the Deck 

When choosing the stain for your deck, keep in mind that the finish you pick might be a bit different from what you see in the photos. Because of this, it’s a wise move to purchase a small sample and test it on the deck before you commit to the entire surface. 

The ideal method of staining the deck is to apply the stain using a brush. A brush will help guarantee you apply the stain uniformly. This will also ensure the results will look great.